Can I share an entire resource with others?

If you created a resource using AgileMD Author, you can invite others to view it using AgileMD Dashboard

2. If necessary, click "Switch to Organization" near the title (if you are sharing an institutionally-owned resource)
1. Click "Invite others to join"
2. Enter the emails of the people you would like to invite. Emails should be separated by a comma or new line.
3. Click "Choose resources"
4. Click the resource you would like to share
5. Click "Finish"

Emails are sent immediately to addresses you provided. Each email address that belongs to an existing AgileMD member will receive a notification indicating that your resource can be added to the account. Each email addresses not already in AgileMD will receive an invitation to create an account followed by the option to add your resource to the new account. Please contact if you have any questions or if some of your invites are not being received.

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