What is the difference between "Restart Sync" and "Resync"?

The content sync process is a core part of using AgileMD offline and ensuring you always have the most recent updates for each file.

Sync normally works entirely automatically though two options in the settings menu allow you to perform manual overrides. "Restart Sync" will cause your app to immediately check for any new updates to all files downloaded to your device. If sync was already downloading new changes, those updates will be discarded. This process usually takes less than 30 seconds to complete. 

"Resync" is a more powerful option used when one or more files is corrupt beyond repair. This option will remove all AgileMD data from your phone and re-download everything fresh, including images and PDFs. This process can take several minutes to complete. Generally, the "Resync" option should only be used when "Restart Sync" (described above) fails to resolve the issue.

Restart Sync and Resync in AgileMD for iOS:

Restart and Resync in AgileMD for Android:

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