I found a file using Search, but now I cannot find it

AgileMD's search bar in the web, iOS, and Android apps searches all private resources you have access to (such as hospital policies) as well as all public and premium content if you have an active internet connection (WiFi or cellular). If you are offline, the search bar only includes results for files you have downloaded to the device.

If you are connected to the internet and click a search result associated with a resource that you do not have downloaded to your device, you will be given an option to download the associated resource or handbook to your device. In the case where that option is declined, the easiest way to return to the file is to simply use the same search term you used previously.

(Please note, the EHR integrated version of AgileMD only searches files approved by the EHR Administrator. Thus, you can browse to any file from the "All Resources" menu in the AgileMD tab of your EHR.)

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