I am affiliated with a hospital system but want to use my personal email address to sign into AgileMD

If you are affiliated with a hospital, academic, or private care system, you should register on your organization page using an official email address (e.g. doctor.jane@hospital.edu). Organizations often make private internal content available to their members and private email addresses are used to verify that you belong to the organization.

Once your organization account is created, the AgileMD team can merge your organization account with your personal account so that you may sign into AgileMD using either email address. All of your resources will be accessible from one place. This will grant you permissions to view private information without the need to repurchase or re-download all AgileMD resources. To begin this process, please contact support@agilemd.com using either your personal address or the official organization email address in the new account.

Merging accounts usually takes between 12 and 48 hours to complete. If the change request is urgent or for an emergency situation, please place "URGENT" in the subject of your email to us.

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