My organization's sign in page gives me an error message

If your hospital uses the AgileMD mobile app to distribute guidelines, protocols, and policies, you were likely instructed to register your account using a private institutional webpage. Errors encountered on that webpage generally arise from two conditions:

1. The email address you are using to register does not meet the list of approved email addresses. In this case, the project manager at your organization had previously sent a list of valid emails to AgileMD but your address was not on that list.
2. Related to #1, you often cannot use a generic email domain (,, etc) to register with an organization. For example, City Hospital may require that all registrations use so make sure you use the appropriate organization email address.

If you have an existing AgileMD account that you want to affiliate with a hospital or if your email meets conditions 1 and 2 above and still does not work, please send a message to and explain what email address you are trying to use and what organization you are trying to join. We will work with you to grant the appropriate permissions.

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